Dactyl supports additional custom post-processing through the use of filters which are essentially custom plugins. Filters can operate on the markdown (after it's been pre-processed), on the raw HTML (after it's been parsed), or on a BeautifulSoup object representing the output HTML. Filters can also export functions and values that are available to the preprocessor.

Dactyl comes with several filters, which you can enable in your config file. You can also write your own filters. If you do, you must specify the paths to the folder(s) containing your filter files in the filter_paths array of the config file.

To enable a filter for a target or page, set the filters field of the config to be an array of filter names, where the filter names are derived from the Python source files in the format filter_<filtername>.py. Filter names must be valid Python variable names, so they can't start with a numeral and must contain only alphanumeric and underscore characters.

Dactyl automatically runs the following functions from filter files (skipping any that aren't defined):

  1. Before running the preprocessor on a page, Dactyl adds all items from each filter's export global dictionary to the preprocessor environment.
  2. Dactyl runs the filter_markdown(md, **kwargs) function of each filter after the preprocessor. This function receives the preprocessed markdown as a string in the md argument and must return a string with the markdown as filtered.
  3. Dactyl runs the filter_html(html, **kwargs) function after the markdown processor. This function receives the parsed markdown content as an HTML string in the html argument and must return a string with the HTML as filtered.
  4. Dactyl runs the filter_soup(soup, **kwargs) function after the HTML filters. This function is expected to directly modify the soup argument, which contains a BeautifulSoup 4 object representing the HTML contents.

The keyword arguments (**kwargs) for the functions may change in future versions. As of Dactyl 0.5.0, the arguments are as follows:

Field Type Description
currentpage Dict The current page, as defined in the config file plus values inherited from the current target and any processing or calculations. (For example, Dactyl automatically adds a name field if one isn't present.)
categories List A de-duplicated, ordered list of category fields present among pages in this target.
pages List A list of page objects for all pages in the current target, in the same order they appear in the config file.
target Dict The current target definition, as derived from the config file.
current_time String The time this build was started. The format is defined by your config's global time_format field (in stftime format), defaulting to YYYY-MM-DD.
mode String Either html, pdf, or md depending on what output Dactyl is building.
config Dict The global config object, based on the config file plus any commandline switches.
logger Logger The logging object Dactyl uses, with the verbosity set to match user input.

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